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An incredible flyer that has a wide range of products, a selection of product quality, lower prices and special offers available Real Canadian Superstore Flyer on July 2, 2017. Depending on this leaflet, you will find out what you wanted to check with tremendous details. In fact, I'll show you how to buy high quality and favorite products at prices, the cheapest. You have several options to reduce the cost of weekly purchases. Take advantage of great opportunities! Real Canadian Superstore Flyer July 2, 2017
Find all your needs in one place;

As I said, you will see many parts, such as meat, production, ready to cook, frozen, cakes, drinks, snacks, household, personal care, baby, real canadian superstore flyer toronto home basics, eletronics and more. This activity is one of the best in Canada, gaining shopping in one place. We also offer various Special for this week.

Proudly Canadian!
Superstore will introduce special parts! Various types of chicken, meat products, pastries and delicatessen are listed on pages 1 and 2. You have more savings. For example; Canadian fresh bay scallops are for sale up to $ 1.01! After that you will only pay 3.98 US dollars. In addition, you pay less for the purchase of some selected products. For example; If you buy 2 or more computers of whole or sliced ​​white mushrooms or kreminovĂ© and pay 1.50 US dollars. mississauga flyers

• MlynskĂ˝ pea, $ 2.98.
• Chicken thigh or thigh, 2.78 lbs.
• Maple Leaves Canadian craft glass slice of meat slice, 3:48 dollars
• Tree double packing of cheese, $ 6.00 piece.
• SAPUTO cocktail bocconcini cheese, $ 10.00 piece.
• The entire rainbow, 7.99 pounds.
• Beef grilled beef, 8.60 US dollars
• Bone-free bone chicken breast PC, 7.98 pounds.


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